Wise Care 365 4.81 License Key With Crack Free Download

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Wise Care 365 4.81 License Key With Crack Free Download

Wise Care 365 4.81 Crack clean registry & junk files from your PCs. Protect your privacy & make your PCs more secure. Provide the better option for optimizing & accelerating your computer! Wise Care 365 4.81 consists of five parts: PC Checkup, System Cleaner, System Tune-up, Privacy Protector and System Monitoring. PC Checkup can check the whole running condition of your PC, mark ten as the score that is full its health status and then show you quick-fix solutions. Wise Care 365 4.81 will help you scan and clean registry that is invalid, useless files, trash of browsers and windows components, etc. It also slims down manage and system files that are big. With System Tuneup, you can optimize the operating system and network, defragment disk and registry; manage startup & services and menu that is context.

Wise Care 365 4.81

Wise Care 365 4.81 License Key is divided into four features that are different PC Checkup, System Tune-up, Privacy Protector, and Wise Utilities. Wise Care 365 begins with a setup that is easy-to-follow that helps you configure Wise Care 365 for your PC. The scan that is initial reveals various components and files that are either slowing down your PC or not needed.

More About:

This software solution can be introduced without any pressing issues, and within seconds users are asked to choose the skin they like best. When the window that is main opened, one merely needs to scan their computer so that Wise Care 365 Free can assess its status & assign it is a rating.Once the application identifies all junk files on the system, users can choose to automatically erase them, thus improving performance & speed of a computer, while also clearing up space on the drive that is hard.

Wise Care 365 4.81 Free Download can be of the great help to all those who noticed their PC is to getting slower and that it takes a lot of the time to complete tasks that are simple. Users can rely on that application to create the restore point or the registry that is full & to restore the computer to the previous state in the case of crashes. However, some of the app’s functions are locked & cannot be used unless a license for the PRO version is purchased. It can also be used to clean all traces left by an OS or by running third-party software, as well as an Internet browsing history.In addition to the boosting the PC’s performance by erasing the junk files.

Wise Care 365 provides some supplementary methods that can speed up startup process, the network and the response of the application that is. Defragmenting the disk and the registry can help users also optimize the performance of their computers.

Wise Care 365 4.81

Key Features:

A platform that is perfect Mutual Assistance on PC Problems:

  • The ‘Wise Assistance’ section of Wise Care 365 is a grouped community for mutual assistance and knowledge sharing on PC problems.
  • Users can ask any relevant questions about their computers, while our experts and other users with proper knowledge, experience or techniques will answer these questions.
  • Wise Care 365 holds millions of users across the global world so that users can get faster & better solutions.
  • It is the connection between users & experts to get quicker and better solutions for the computer problems.

A PC that is comprehensive:

  • Wise Care 365 is the option that is preferred billions of Windows users who want to keep their Windows PC at peak performance.
  • It removes invalid Windows registry entries and cleans useless files, download history, browsing history, invalid shortcuts, traces, cache, cookies, passwords, Windows components, and data with specific extensions allowing Windows system to run it faster & freeing up more valuable hard disk space seconds.
  • It is also packed with the customizable cleansing options for advanced users.

Protect Your System in Real Time:

  • Prevent any application that is unwanted is new adding into the windows startup
  • Take action that is prompt some applications attempt to modify without your permission. This protector shall identify and stop any processes that secretly try to change Windows registry.
  • Prevent programs from changing your Internet Explorer homepage
  • Prevent changes to the default browser

World’s Fastest System Optimization Tool:

  • Wise Care 365 adopts technology that is worlds is top. It optimizes PC’s performance, defrags disks and the Windows registry, and manages the process that is the startup as well as services.
  • Over time, your computer’s CD that is hard and registry will become cluttered. Wise Care 365 can defrag the drive and record to make them organized, thus making your computer run faster & the more stable. You are going to be amazed by defragging that is the speed that is blazing.
  • Many programs run silently in the background when you start up your computer. Wise Care 365 helps you disable programs that are unneeded consume your precious system resources and improves PC speed that is the startup.

A System that is powerful & the Monitoring Utility:

  • System Monitor displays all the given information that is essential to the computer.
  • Process Monitor offers users a manifest and list that is neat of the processes run by user and system; users can shut any operation down they don’t need to make the PC run more smoothly.
  • Hardware Overview offers users both brief and information detail of the hardware that is crucial, letting users know about their computers at a glance.
  • Your Ultimate Computer Privacy Protector

Wise Care 365 protects your computer privacy from prying eyes:

  • Privacy Eraser erases all traces of any computer operation like browsing history and access files, so any computer operation you do stays confidential.
  • Disk Eraser prevents deleted data from retrieve by third parties.

Additional Benefits:

  • One-click PC Checkup
  • Clean & Speed-up Computer
  • Hardware Inventory
  • Privacy Protection
  • Real-time System Protection
  • Silent Mode
  • Faster Boot-up Speed
  • Free-up More Drive Space
  • Automatic Updates
  • Premium Tech Support

What’s New in Wise Care 365 4.81?

  • Added the feature to turn the tray off when the main program close.
  • Improved the usability of Utilities Box.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Updated translations that are various.


  • Very easy to use
  • Helps clean, optimise and secure your PC
  • Slick interface


  • CCleaner does a better job

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