EventSentry Light Crack With License Key (Latest)

EventSentry Light Crack With License Key (Latest)

EventSentry Light Crack

EventSentry Light Crack can also receive logs from motion sensor detectors and even smoke sensors. It allows system administrators to send event log messages by email. The free version allows you to specify a filter condition to limit notifications to selected (or all) events based on EventID, category, and keywords. You can choose text or HTML email, set date and time limits, and more. Useful integration of the environmental function allows us to monitor security systems, such as humidity or temperature sensors, and receive a notification when the established limits are reached. CPU and memory consumption can also be monitored through the performance monitoring module.

EventSentry Light Crack can send a notification to a designated email address. You can even configure the program to send alerts to specific phone numbers by SMS. If an event occurs on the monitored computer, the log will be centrally managed by the program and can be stored on a remote server, thus creating a backup of the event that occurred. Agents ensure real-time monitoring of the system, regardless of network connection. The program’s monitoring software records installed or uninstalled applications. And trigger an alarm when the program enters an automatic startup as needed. As long as there is free space, the disk space monitor will start working. Network devices can be monitored through Syslog, SNMP, and heartbeat checks.

EventSentry Light Crack With Key (Latest)

Also, EventSentry Light Key monitors services, disk space, performance, software/hardware, NTP, and file checksums. EventSentry compliance tracking feature can standardize Windows security events and provide detailed information about Active Directory, application usage, and login activities. A free version is an excellent tool for monitoring EventSentry Light and is suitable for most small networks. If there is a problem, the software can display messages, play sounds, send email notifications, stop services and processes, shut down or restart the computer, or perform other operations. By default, the software provides you with the application, security, and system event logs, but you can also access other records about hardware events, essential management services, and more.

After collecting the data, you can forward the information to them as an email or as a desktop popup, instant message, or pager. The Lite version only supports these four notification methods. Please note that the full version supports 15 different notification types. You can define various operations in the corresponding part of the interface. EventSentry Light includes an SNMP cheat daemon, which is a convenient way to receive SNMP cheats by email or other notification methods. Performance and environmental alerts include attached charts to visualize performance over a specified period. For example, when the CPU exceeds a specific limit, the alert email will consist of a graphic attached, so you can see accurate history records without having to access the reporting interface.

EventSentry Light Crack Free Download

IT administrators can make use of EventSentry Light’s proactive infrastructure management and monitoring features. Being a guard sentry has its perks, such as getting important alerts and having all your logs in one location for easy viewing. Sophisticated rule sets are at your disposal, allowing you to choose to receive alerts. By keeping tabs on all of your server’s vital components, EventSentry Light can help you prevent outages before they affect your infrastructure. Additionally, TCP, PING, and SNMP can be used to keep tabs on IP-based devices such as routers, switches, and Linux/BSD hosts. In addition to motion, smoke, and water sensors, EventSentry Light can also monitor humidity and temperature.

A plethora of capabilities are at your fingertips with this software. There are numerous examples, such as the ability to monitor system health, compliance, logs, and files in real-time, filtering choices, and different sorts of notifications. On the same interface, you may find many sections that allow you to modify the program’s behavior. You can configure various intervals for specific monitors, choose how to handle notifications generated during system boot, and much more with this tool. Another option is to keep an eye on the environment. When you connect specific sensors to your computer, you can configure the software to track their readings and trigger specific actions when they go over a specific threshold.

What’s New?

  • Using a collector makes the heartbeat agent more stable.
    Now the agent doesn’t need to do anything to configure the clearing filter (for timer filters).
  • Agent: Multiple aspects of compliance tracking have been enhanced.
  • The growing heartbeat dashboard tile in Web Reports is now fixed.
  • Web Reports now have a text dashboard tile.

EventSentry Light Crack

Key Features:

  • Advanced monitoring of event logging
  • Necessary control of log files
  • Advanced notification types
  • An advanced health monitoring system
  • The free version does not include the remote update utility, the EventSentry database import
  • service, the trace function, and some other functions.
  • EventSentry Light allows you to receive emergency alerts and integrate all logs into one location through real-time event logs, log files, and system log monitoring features. A
  • A complete set of rules ensures that you only receive the alerts you need, but the tool also gives you information about all the logs.
  • The performance monitoring module can track and record the CPU and memory usage of the computer.
  • Every time software is installed or uninstalled, its “software monitoring” option will record and record the programs configured to load when Windows starts.
  • Disk space monitor is a very convenient module because it can remind you when the following situations occur
  • Disk space fell below a certain level. You can also control the size of the folder.
  • Although you can see the ordered ordering of built-in tools and modules

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  • The program includes a large number of logs, system operational status, compliance tracking, and other monitoring functions.
  • It allows you to customize your alarms, notifications, and automatic operations.


  • The Lite version has some limitations.

System Required:

  • It is the latest version that is compatible with Windows 10/11/8/8.1/7 and requires 6.8 MB of HDD space.
  • RAM: 500 megabytes
  • 1-GHz Processor Sufficient


In the relevant part of the interface, you can specify different kinds of actions. The software has many measures it can do in the event of an error, such as showing a message, playing a sound, sending an email notification, stopping services and processes, powering down or rebooting the machine, and more. You can access extra logs for hardware events, key management services, and more, in addition to the application, security, and system event logs that the program gives by default. System and network administrators may be interested in EventSentry Light, a free program for Windows PCs that monitors and manages logs.

How to Crack

  1. First, of all, download the program from the link
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Complete the installation process.
  4. Generate License key
  5. done everything to enjoy the full version.

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