2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 6.6 Crack + License Code Free 2021

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 5.5 Crack With License Code Free Download

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 6.6 Crack + License Code Free 2021

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition 6.6 Crack is a dominant program that can complete several counts in 2D structures (beams, grids, frames, etc.). The building can be traced straight using a simple user interface. Users can also introduce regular steel from the complete shape library based on all significant codes. Define a single material. Modify material properties easily and quickly. Complete the training options with a given degree of freedom (supports all types of final versions). Apply vertical and horizontally distributed loads to elements rapidly.

Graphically display loads that change over time. Post-processing applied to each step: Calculate and draw the analysis result of the deformed shape of the given model, geometry, static model, load, etc. There are no restrictions on the geometry of the structure, material, or weight, as the program can handle any 2D structure with static, linear, and nonlinear loads. In the function of the 2D frame analysis-static version, you can calculate and graphically explain the deformation, internal force, dynamic model, and other analysis results.

Almost all concrete, steel, wood, aluminum, etc. according to material specifications, can also provide an extensive material library. Also, users can define custom materials and cross-section data for modeling structures

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition Crack Calculate the internal force along with each position of the member. Stress calculation. Draw axial-shear and bending moment diagrams for each step. Deformation diagrams for each level. High-quality inquiry report and all examination results, including stress, internal force, and displacement designs, as well as static models, irregular shapes, and axial shear The power analysis report can be exported to pdf, RTF, Xls and XML formats, and can also be printed directly. All model data can be shipped to the access database.

It is a high-performance application that uses optimized finite elements (beam elements) for static and dynamic analysis of beams, frames, and meshes. Its universal interface and easily customizable features make it a leading product in the field of frame analysis. Try it and start saving time and money! 2D Frame Analysis Static Edition crack Code provides the ability to perform static analysis on multi-channel beams, 2D grids and 2D frames, while also supporting portal frame analysis.

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition Crack Free allows you to use an unlimited number of nodes and beams. Three degrees of freedom per node, six degrees per radius, change the unit of measurement, apply boundary conditions (such as fixed, roller), and automatically create nodes. Also, the application allows you to freely create calculation reports, which can be printed or exported to PDF, DOC, or XLS file formats. Partial or zero stiffness values can be considered to apply the final launch of degrees of freedom. Axial/shear and bending moment diagrams are automatically generated.

The internal force along the unit can be calculated immediately. Besides, the node displacement is indicated in the direction. The deformed configuration of the structure is displayed graphically. Calculate the stress on the upper and lower surfaces at the position of each element. All input and output data can be extracted into professional-looking calculation reports.

2D Frame Analysis Static Edition is an advanced CAD application designed to help you deal with any 2D frame or grid by checking its internal force map, calculating node displacement and movement along with the element, and generating detailed reports. It is suitable for engineers and can handle simple structures (such as beams) to multiple large frames (with or without supports, fasteners, and complex loads).


  • Use very flexible general finite element methods
  • Static and dynamic analysis of multi-diameter rays, 2D grids, and 2D frames
  • Modal analysis and eigenvalue estimation
  • User-controlled damping coefficient
  • Pattern superposition method for calculating dynamic response
  • Automatically create a consistent quality matrix (Engissol patent)
  • Fully customized multi-step dynamic analysis
  • User-Controlled step size and time parameters
  • Identify time-dependent loads on elements and nodes
  • Unlimited number of nodes and radii
  • Three degrees of freedom per node and  6 per beam.
  • Support all major units
  • All types of boundary conditions (fixed, cylindrical, etc.)
  • Translation and rotation spring seat
  • Specified displacement and speed

What’s New:

This program for solving linear 2D frame structures and calculating modal shapes under static loads. Combined with an easy-to-use graphical user interface, you can design the fabric very quickly. Calculates diagrams of reaction force, axial force, and shear force, as well as bending moment. Also, you can use various methods to calculate the modal shape of the structure and will be able to perform dynamic analysis quickly.


Win8 x32, Win8 x64, Win2000, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Win10 x32, Win10 x64, WinOther, WinServer, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP, others


  • 2D Frame Analysis Static Edition is a sophisticated CAD application whose cause is that will help you method any 2D body or truss for sorting out its inner forces diagrams, calculating nodal displacements and actions along with elements, as well as producing special reports.
  • It is appropriate for engineers and is able to deal with from simple structures (like a beam) up to complicated large frames with or without braces, def releases, and complicated masses.

How To Install:

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